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D2R Official Data Guide (Version 2.6)

This is provided by Blizzard and has been formatted to pdf for your convenience
(you can also access the original mht in data/global/excel)

This data guide will give detailed listings of all the columns in the .txt files
It will also show function tables, various calculations and important details
I highly recommend using this resource to help understand D2R modding

Download Now

Sprite Editor

A tool used to import, export, and do small edits to 2D sprite images
Created By: Cla$$ics [Source Link]

Download Now

Visual Studio Code

A tool recommended to edit .json files with
Created By: Microsoft [Source Link]

Download Now

Noesis + Plugins

A tool used to export models, import/export textures and more
all plugins and needed files have been included in the download for you

 Noesis Created By: Rich Whitehouse [Source Link]

Plugins Created By: Jayn23, erik945 [Source Link]

Download Now

Afj's Sheet Editor

A tool used to edit legacy .txt files needed for many modding tasks
 Created By: AFJ [Source Link]

Download Now

Ladik's Casc Viewer

A tool used to extract the data files packed inside D2R for modding purposes
 Created By: Ladik [Source Link]

Download Now

WinDS1 Edit

A tool used to edit .DS1 legacy files for D2R map making. Please read the unlocking guide!
 Created By: Paul Siramy [Source Link]

Core Only: Download Now
Complete: Download Now

D2R MoPaH v0.1

Model & Particle Helper
A suite of tools used to view detailed model information as well as change texture paths
It also provides model conversion for correctly exported 3D models

Download Now

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