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Guide Center

Here you will find all user-submitted guides and info for anything D2R
Any guide shown has been verified and will have all necessary info included
Please don't hesitate to join our community for any questions or help


Current Guides: 34

Item guides:

Monster guides:

Skill guides:

General guides:

Most recent contributor: Bonesy

ui/visual guides: 7

HitchHiker's Guide to D2R Modding
If you are new to D2R Modding, then I recommend starting with this video series
In this series I will discuss all the new file types, modding methods and needed programs
I will do my best to update these with new information or capabilities when possible

The Catacombs
this series is recommended if you have modded D2 before or already watched the previous video series
In this series I will guide you through specific D2R edits in real-time to help accomplish your goals
Less time will be spent explaining some of the more basic edits as I will assume you know them

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