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Guide Center

Here you will find all user-submitted guides and info for anything D2R
Any guide shown has been verified and will have all necessary info included
Please don't hesitate to join our community for any questions or help


Current Guides: 20

Item guides:

Monster guides:

Skill guides:

General guides:

Most recent contributor: Bonesy

ui/visual guides: 3

HitchHiker's Guide to D2R Modding
A series of video guides used to inform you about the
new file
s, tools, and important info.
If you are just learning D2R modding I recommend starting here


The Catacombs
A series of video guides on more specific edits in D2R
Edits are done in real-time and show you the entire process
Recommend you have watched the previous video series already


New File Types

How To Mod

D2R Reference Files

edit/color item names and other strings

New D2R TXT Edits


JSON Files


Models and Particles

.TXT Files


Melee Splash Damage

Particle Colors

Custom Warp Levels

Placing New Monsters

Custom Texture Models

Adding Custom NPC

Creating New Sounds

Changing Item Drop Odds

Changing Skill Icons

Editing Waypoints

Skills, Calculations & Descriptions

Item "Corruption" Mechanics

Adding A Color Dye System

Expanding In-Game Storage

Creating a Kill/Death Tracker

Creating a Passive CtC Skill

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