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D2R Modding Tools

Here you will find all the user-submitted treasures

Please keep in mind how much time and effort it takes to create these tools

Source links for all files have been provided whenever possible


Current Tools: 13



In Development:

Most recently Updated: D2RLaunch


D2R Official Data Guide (v2.7)

This data guide will explain all the different columns in the .txt files
It will also show function tables, various calculations and other details
I highly recommend using this resource to help understand .txt files

Download Now

*this has been formatted to PDF for your convenience

the original mht version can be found in data/global/excel


SpriteEdit (v2)

This program is used to import/export 2D art (sprites)

Mainly used for customizing items, ui panels, etc

v2 adds batch support and automatic generation improvements

Created By: Cla$$ics

[Source Link]
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This program is used to extract game data files for local editing

reads game data to extract always current unedited files

no file editing or other modding purposes - view and extract

Created By: Ladik

[Source Link]
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AFJ Sheet Editor

This program is used to edit .txt files

it includes several QoL control options for editing values

I highly recommend using this instead of excel or similar

Created By: AFJ

[No Source Link]
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Visual Studio Code

This program is recommended for editing .json files

includes auto-formatting, error checking and plugins

not required for editing .jsons, only recommended

Created By: Microsoft

[Source Link]
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Noesis + Plugins

This program is used to export 3D art (models/textures)

includes animation and modeling previews

does not currently support model importing, use MoPaH

Created By: Rich Whitehouse Plugins By: Jayn23

[Source Link] [Source Link]
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This program is used to identify modding errors in your files

Compares .txt and .json entries to find erroneous data

Can also generate mod html documentation for wiki style info

Created By: Cla$$ics

[Source Link]
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This program is used to edit legacy map levels (.ds1)

it will control objects, collisions, level connections and more

does not edit D2R map visuals - legacy map controls only

Created By: Paul Siramy

[Source Link]
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This program is used to edit animation data for monsters/characters

it will control sequences and timing for actions with various weapons

does not control animations themselves, only the timing/sequences

Created By: Paul Siramy

[No Source Link]
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This program is used to edit a particle's baked in color profiles

it's a work-in-progress and may or may not work for your particle

does not control texture coloring, only particle coloring

Created By: Retera

[Source Link]
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D2R MoPaH (v0.3)

This program is used to import models and replace particle textures

Imports gr2 models to d2r compatible format

allows replacing of both model and particle embedded textures

Created By: Bonesy

[No Source Link]
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String Translator

This program is used to easily translate text to multiple languages

Translates English text to all other D2R supported languages

Does not currently support batch operations
This is a simple powershell script, edit to your preferences

Created By: Bonesy
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D2RLaunch (2.3.3)

This program is used to customize, control and launch D2R mods

Adds many QoL options, monster customizations and more
Can be used with any mod and author-controlled via single editable file

Created By: Bonesy
[Source Link Coming Later]
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D2Compare (1.0.2)

This program is used to analyze .txt files between versions
It will display column, row and value differences between them
Recommended tool for enhanced source version control

Created By: Bonesy
[Source Link]
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D2R Backup Buddy (1.0.0)

This program is used to automatically backup your
most recently played character and shared stash at specified intervals
Easy-To-Use and doesn't get in your way

Created By: Bonesy
[Source Link Coming Later]
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