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Welcome to ReMoDDeD

An in-house mod project that aims to push the limits of D2R and start a new era of modding

D2RLaunch Supported

No D2RLaunch Support

While we are still in our beginning phases...we hope you enjoy this brand new experience as much as we do. Content is constantly evolving as we try to balance our childhood fondness of legacy, while fully embracing the resurrected features and capabilities.


A small preview of chaos...

Here is a brief look at some of the changes we've made already.
Please keep in mind there are much more changes in reality than can be easily shown here. This page is in development.

Re-designed user interface

We wanted to demonstrate some of the versatility of D2R Modding, while also providing players more options and a dark, modern theme.

Integrated mod menu with info, recipes and more

Along with the enhanced mod capabilities come greater control over options. All the info you wanted; in-game with easy access.

Re-worked classes and custom skill designs

Diverse build paths with a clearly defined, yet open theme for each class. Most of what you love with some new flavor and visual FX tossed into the mix. We are constantly pushing the envelope here.

New Levels and Monsters

Flexing our knowledge of both old and new modding methods...we've created dozens of new monsters and areas. They will both reward you and give you the occasional nightmare.

Expanded Storage and Shared tabs unlocked

We understand the need to store your precious items when and where you want - so all storage locations have been increased.
Supports 1 personal + 7 shared tabs


New items and item types

We wanted to expand the item pool and demonstrate some of the capabilities of modding, while also providing new experiences to you.
Hundreds of new items including sets, uniques, runewords and even new class-specific gear.

Skill Previews and
The Horadric Rift

We've added custom in-game menus to help execute our vision. exploring the possibilities of this game we all love.
See animated skill previews before you invest in them or check out the horadric rift for access to exclusive items or perks that are constantly changing over time. 

...And so much more!

There are already over 1000 modified files needed for this mod; with that count growing daily. We have a small team of passionate modders who have spent hundreds of hours on this project.

This mod is not only a demonstration of the immense capabilities of the new engine and softcode experience. It is a demonstration of the love and knowledge of modders to begin a new generation of diablo.

There is much i have not shown; come experience it for yourself.
Diablo and his minions may have been resurrected....
but so have we.

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