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This is a program created to help both players and mod authors alike

It will act as a mod manager, mod updater, mod creator and much more

D2RLaunch is fully customizable by mod authors and extremely easy to use for players

Please read below for further details, feature explanations and previews

Join our Discord if you need assistance with setup or run into issues:

D2RLaunch Feature List

Launch Options:

- Text/Audio Language Selection: Change in-game languages to desired preference
- Localization Support: 14 languages currently supported in D2RLaunch

- Map Regeneration: Force maps layouts to change each game like online play
- Character Respec: Allow infinite respecs in-game by holding alt and clicking stat point
- Force Map Layouts: Force specific map layouts for fast level entrances, lk chests, etc
- HDR Opacity Fix: Fix a Blizzard bug with tooltips that affects players using HDR mode
- Create-A-Mod: Creates a mod with retail files but enables all supported D2RLaunch options
- Mod Installer: Downloads, Extracts and Installs mods in one-click, Dl via our ModDB or link

Additional Options:

- Vault access: Ability to store infinite items using the "vault", a separate tool included

- Font Selection: Change in-game font using item previews in launcher

- Auto Backups: Performs regular backups of shared stash and last played character
- Personalized Tabs: Allows you to rename your shared stash tabs to what you'd like (max 8)
- Assassin Charge Icons: Adds status icons for charge-up skills near bottom of screen 
- Merc Identifier:
Places a glowing icon above mercenary to identify them in large groups

- Item Levels: Quickly toggle item level display next to the item name on or off
- Rune Display: Add glowing particle effects to mid and high runes when dropped for clarity

- Helmet Display: Show or Hide all in-game helmets based on your preferences

- Monster Stats Display: Adds real-time display of Monster HP and Resistances by name 
- Item Display: Runes, potions, scrolls, gems, etc have their names replaced with icons
- Super Telekinesis: Adds a skill to your character that allows you to pickup any item on screen

Mod Author Options:

- Mod Updater: Allow players to automatically update mod files for newer versions

- Author Control: UI, Logo, News Messages, Discord/Patreon/etc links change with mod choice
- Runeword Sorting: Allows players to cycle between 3 different runeword menu options
- HUD Design: Choose between either the standard or a merged life/mana orb design

- Monster Customizations: Control monster density, xp rate, pack counts and more
- UI Theme: Choose between the standard or ReMoDDeD UI in-game window layouts

Misc Options:

- Character Rename: Rename both the filename and in-game name of a character

- My Files: One-click access to mod files, save files and configuration settings
- Resources: Quick links to Discord, Website, Wiki, Patreon and more
- Self-Updating: D2RLaunch updates itself on startup if there are improvements available
- Feature Previews: See in-game previews of the changes in action through the launcher
- Queue Skipping: Disables your connection to bnet while app open to Skip Queue and for extra protection

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